Registration of Institute with Nokriwala Job Consultancy Registering the Institute with Nokriwala Job Consultancy gives you the benefit that all your final year students are automatically eligible for free registration into the Nokriwala Job Consultancy talent bank and thus have the advantage of a professional placement consultants services. Rs. 5000 per annum. On-Campus Recruitment Services:ob consultancy services : We shall be charging a professional fee from bringing companies to the campus and also shall require you to pay for the expenses incurred by the company representatives in case the company is not willing to spend the same. Rs. 25000 per annum for bringing companies on-campus + Actual Expenses incurred by the company representatives Personality, Grooming and Job Hunting Tactics Work Shops Throughout the year, Career Placement Services presents a variety of workshops that are designed to provide job seekers with the knowledge and skills necessary to compete effectively for employment offers.

The dates and times for these workshops are posted on the institute notice board after discussion with the Institute Authorities. Rs. 5000 per annum Placement Charges We shall charge placement charges only on successful placement of Candidates, the professional fees for this are as below :

* Placement of 25% of the batch : Rs. 2000 per placement

* Placement of 50% of the batch : Rs. 1500 per placement

* Placement of more than 50% of the batch : Rs. 1200 per placement